Recently, many of us have faced a threat to our health, met with the closure of educational institutions, which make up a large part of our daily life, as well as other obstacles affecting our personal lives and well-being.

However, notwithstanding with all these facts, we also witnessed the unification of both educational specialists and companies, communities of various sizes all over the world against the pandemic, their rejection of their own interests for the sake of students.

While all universities, schools and colleges throughout the world have closed, researchers, instructors and students looked ways to adapt to all new pedagogical tolls, communication techniques, teaching methods and training styles day and night.

Although current events are a shock to the whole world, such concepts as “virtual class”, “distance education”, “webinar” were not new to anyone. Moreover, some education institutions have been functioning in online format for many years. Transition to online learning in Azerbaijan was flexible, but nonetheless, educators faced a number of problems regarding managing a virtual classroom, conducting interactive lessons, assessing progress and communicating with participants.

The goal of conference is to share experience gained by educators during pandemic, to support specialists in education sphere, to inform them about latest news in education sphere and to unite all educators in a single forum.

Participation in the conference is free, registration is obligatory.

Conference schedule


Yevgeny Miroshnichenko

President of Association of Practical Psychologists

  • Methodologist, researcher in the field of developing, innovative and alternative education
  • Author of practical trainings for school teachers and tutors
  • Coordinator of start-ups in such “young schools” as DEC Life School, Agrarian Lyceum of Ukraine, Children’s Academy
  • Creator of “Miroschool” innovative education space
  • Head of “MUStudy” education holding
  • Author and guide of educational programs on the educational methodology of the book “Observe and Learn”
Chantal Nabet

Chantal Nabeh tried herself in such different areas as psycho-sociology of marketing research, coaching, jewelry, individual classes for people with dyslexia.

At present she is engaged in innovative educational system, created for adults.

Mikhail Myagkov

Founder and director of Umax (Maximum Education) education company. During his work in Boston Consulting Group company he consulted either private and state organizations in the sphere of education all over the world. Mikhail regularly acts as a speaker at various international conferences and exhibitions.

Ulviyya Mikailova

Ulviyya Mikailova is one of the specialists with a broad experience of research in the sphere of education. Since 2009, she has participated in a number of reforms-oriented projects either in Azerbaijan and abroad as an international adviser of World Bank and UNICEF. Currently, she is a senior teacher of Education faculty in Ada University. Scientific articles by Ulviyya Mikailova have been published in many local and foreign sources.

Marina Rosenfeld

She has worked in leading positions in the establishment of unique methodical educational centers, the training of teachers and the development of methodical teaching aids in the education systems of countries such as Israel and Russia.
During her higher education, Marina worked as an instructor at the prestigious "Kaplan" Test Prep center and took an active part in the development of teaching materials and application of new training methods, along with teaching for the last 20 years.

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